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I’ve never been a super gung-ho disney type person but we just booked our first trip as a family and I’m getting pretttttty excited.

I just really need everyone to SHUTTTTTUPPPPP right now!!!!
That is all.

I told the kids the let me know when their show was over so I could work out, so they rewinded it back to the beginning…. C’mon girls?! As if it isn’t hard enough already.

I guess poppy felt my frustration and now is super pissy. I was sleeping sooooo good and then I heard “MOM-

It’s the weekend? I had no idea, feels just like last NON weekend and everyday in between. I think that’s part of my bad attitude today, but mostly that I’ve been busting my ass day in day out to re-do the dining room before Jordan gets home and it’s no where near done because my dad who was supposed to help just sucked the whole day away and did Nothing. No shelves are up, no ideas or plans laid just basically he came and hung out. Hello, I don’t have time to hang out today, I have 60,000 things on my to do list.

Why do I keep smelling poop smell?

— me, daily

Ugh how did I not know there’s been a new tori spelling show on.

Hey May

Let’s not be a dick like April was, K?
May is always insanely busy and I can’t take more assy-ness. Today we have pajama day at preschool, yearbook slips due, bird a thon, dental insurance BS, 8 or so loads of laundry and hundreds of more things I can’t even care about anymore.

This is sticking in my head today haha

This is sticking in my head today haha

I bought a couch today sight unseen. And, now I’m kind of freaking out about it. I’m the worst.